Saturday, May 28, 2011


The application Vlingo, available for both Android and iPhone, as well as some feature phones is an application that does a few great things. It's worth the price (free) and it's got a few features that I've found to be very useful, especially for travelling in the car. Companies like Motorola have found enough value in it that it comes pre-loaded in some of their phones, most notably, the Atrix 4G. For the full review tap "read more."

The first feature is a voice-to-text feature that will allow you to write text messages, update your facebook status, and even write e-mails by speaking either into the phone or an attached bluetooth headset. All you need to do is activate the application and then give it a command. For example, to send an e-mail you can say E-mail Jack Johnson Subject Beer Message Wanna go get one later at the bar? It opens up a new e-mail to Jack Johnson with the subject, "Beer" and the message, "Wanna go get one later at the bar?" Of course you need to have the person's e-mail saved under your contacts in order to do this, but after you speak that command it opens up the message and all that's required on your part is to hit the send button. The full tutorial is given on the application when you access it.

Just like all voice command applications you can also dial people with your voice.

Another cool thing I use it for while I'm in the car is I turn on their "Safereader" feature that automatically reads off new e-mails and text messages after you get them. It reads who they're from and the actually message in the same format that you would speak them (who they're from, subject, and then message). This way I can have safe text message conversations through my bluetooth headset when I'm driving.

There are four choices for widgets for this application. My favorite one puts a little speaker button on the front screen that, if tapped, activates the voice command. There's other options that are bigger, but this one, being the same size as a normal application shortcut, works swimmingly (I've always wanted to use that word) and for a virtual assistant application, that's all you really need.

Over-all, the application works really well. I haven't run into any serious glitches. Every once in a while, the text comes up with a word I didn't say but I've chalked it up to background noise or me stumbling through a message. It does take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of speaking what you'd normally be texting, it is a great application!

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