Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Advanced Task Killer/Manager Application for Android

Advanced Task Killer

Advanced Task Manager
The advanced task killer and advanced task manager applications for Android were definately helpful back in the first days of Android's operating system, but on any version of Android since 2.1 it is unnessecary or even hurtful to your battery life. It IS true that Android runs multiple applications in the background (just like any other mobile operating system), but with the changes made in Android 2.2, these operations shut down when the phone goes to sleep. Killing them with an application like the ones mentioned above does kill those task, only to have them opened up immediately by the system. This drains the battery more than if they were just left alone in the first place.

Samsung's pre-loaded
task manager
In some cases, like with the Samsung Infuse 4G, the phones come with a pre-loaded task manager that just shuts down programs. This would be like hitting the X button on a normal PC to close the program, rather than hitting the - button to just minimize it to resume later. These programs work much better than a 3rd party application does and they're free.

To get straight to the point, don't put them on your new phone. If you buy any of the Android phones listed on this website you don't need them.

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