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The HD7S is a second generation of Windows 7 Phones on AT&T's network. The first three Windows 7 phones had a few glitches to work out that were later fixed with software updates and these updates included the ability to copy/paste. The HD7S comes with this update pre-installed on the phone and it's quite the looker too, but does what's under the hood match what's on the outside? Find out by reading the full review!

Very professional looking
Windows copy/paste update is pre-installed
Kickstand on back for easily setting it up to watch movies

-Sim card cam be seen through a slot the cover on the back of the phone.
-With more than half of my calls, the other person sounded like they were talking to me through a tin can. This was annoying.
- The battery life
-The camera

Windows Phone 7 operating system
5 MP camera w/flash, 720p HD video recording
1 GHZ Processor
4.3" WVGA with super LCD touch screen
4.5 hours of talk time on the battery
16 GB internal memory
3G network enabled
Kickstand for watching video

Notice the blue, white and orange SIM card through the
crack? Me too.
The first thing that I noticed when I took the HD7S out of the box is how nice the phone looks. It's a shiny chrome around the circumfrence of the phone that goes all the way around without a break. Imbedded in that is a camera button and the volume buttons on one side and the lock/power button on the top. At the bottom, the micro-USB charging port and the headphone jack are right next to each other, also embedded in the chrome. The screen is so shiny it could easily be used as a mirror. There's the three windows buttons at the bottom - the start button, the back button, and the search button, and all three of those are touch buttons. The back of it is a plastic, matte finnish black with a silver bar near the bottom and a silver kickstand with gold accents. HTC is imprinted on it in chrome also. This phone is sexy! I actually got comments from three complete strangers while I was using it on how good it looks. It just catches your eye. The only thing I have to complain about with the looks is that you can see the SIM card through the cover on the back because there is a gap that leaves it open. This looks cheap. If that were fixed, I wouldn't have a single thing to complain about as far as style goes.

But, lets move on to function. This phone has a beautiful 4.3" screen on it - the same size as the HTC Inspire 4G. Everything on it is crystal clear. HTC has done a very good job building their screens on their latest smartphones. They have all been amazing in direct sunlight (compared to other phones of course). It's not going to be just as nice in the sunlight as it is in the shade, but it's one of the best I've seen.

Picture showing the micro-USB charging port next to the
headphone jack
One thing that I've seen in the past with Windows 7 Phones was a very significant (10-15 second) lag when the phone has been sitting for a while and you go to wake it up by unlocking it. With past Windows 7 phones, I also noticed a lag in switching from screen to screen and a lag when opening up... well... anything. The software update was supposed to fix all these issues, and it did make it better, just not perfect. The HD7S with this update preloaded doesn't have any of these problems. Games run smoother. Applications open up without any hassle. The phone unlocks when you want it to. It's a smooth-running phone. It is not, however, a realistic gaming-on-the-go phone.

That brings me to the next point. The battery.

I like to play games on my phones, especially the Windows 7 Phones. This is because with Windows 7 Phones, you have a direct connection to your Xbox Live account and can earn achievments and view your friends statuses, what their playing, and their achievments right from your phone. This means that these phones have the potential to be serious gaming phones. This one, however, does not. This was apparent to me when, after playing 25 minutes of my favorite game on my HD7S, the battery was depleted by 20%. The game was called "geoDefense" and it is a game that is actually developed by Microsoft, but the battery was still drained significantly while playing it. With a day of what I would consider to be normal use, the battery easily made it through to the end and that's the bottom line, but don't plan on playing games on it extensively without plugging it in.

Kickstand on the back of the HD7S
The camera on this phone took some... interesting photos. Although it does have a flash, I never got a non-blurry zombie-like photo when in low-light conditions. Most of the photos I took from it were blurry unless whatever/whoever I was taking a picture of held perfectly still and I didn't shake at all while taking it. Considering the only way to take a picture is to press the dedicated camera button on the side of the phone, I ended up getting one satisfying picture (of a cupcake) because I was either shaking from pressing the button too much or the object I was taking a picture of was moving. Definately not a good camera.

Overall, the phone wasn't what I would consider to be an epic phone. I used it for a while because it looked great and the games on it ran amazingly well (albet the battery problem) but in the end the camera, the battery life, and the sound quality while on calls turned me off to it. Three strikes and you're out. I'm still looking forward to that Windows 7 Mango update. Better luck next time.

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