Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rob's Top Apps for iPhones

Hey, remember when you liked your iPhone? It was new, it was fresh, you hadn't beat every Angry Birds level, and you were more attentive in your Words With Friends games than you were with your job? Yeah... those were the days. Now you just make calls and send text messages and (occasionally) you remember to update your Facebook status. The problem is, the reason you got an iPhone in the first place is because it can do more than that! Apps are what really brings phones to life. The apps that come pre-loaded on an iPhone are really only cool for about the first five minutes and then after that you realize the only person that would have benefited from them would be Lewis and Clark.

Well this article should help you with that iPhone bordem. I'll tell you about all the apps that I load onto my iPhone before anything else as well as some new ones that I've recently discovered. This is... Rob's top apps for iPhones:

Shazam Encore - This app is a music I.D. service available for iPhone, Android, and Windows 7. Once activated, it "listens" to music that is playing and then not only tells you what song it is, but who wrote it, what album it's on, and then streams the lyrics on the screen so you can sing along! This app is $5.99 if you get the full version. The free version is just called Shazam and only lets you identify five songs a month.

Star Walk - This app is a sky chart for your iPhone. Once you open it, it displays all the stars and their constellations for you right on the screen of your iPhone. At night when you can actually see the starts, you can hold your iPhone (or iPad) up to the sky and the stars on the iPhone match up to the actual stars so you can identify the stars and planets, as well as find constellations. Is that the big dipper? I dunno, but Star Walk does know. This app is $2.99.

Trace - Trace is a free game. The object of the game is simple. You navigate your little stick figure through worlds where volcanoes and lava seem to be common. The dangers remind me of an original Super Mario Bros castle. The only thing here is that you have to trace a safe bridge path through every level for the stick figure to walk on. If he touches hot stuff... he's dead.

Weatherbug and Weatherbug Elite - This app is a great way to track weather in your region or all over the country. I use the paid version (Weatherbug Elite) on my Android phone and it's no different with the iPhone. The paid version is ad-free and costs only $0.99. The free version has ads and is, well, free.

Tweetdeck - Tweetdeck is a very quick way to get all your social updates from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkdIn all in one place. This application is one big news feed with all your updates from all the aforementioned.  It doesn't let you do anything on your profiles, but it will let you comment and keep up to date with what's happening in your friend's lives, your family's lives, and even your "Facebook friend's" lives.

Icon for "Remote" application for
controlling iTunes
Keynote Remote icon
Remote - Since Apple is all about their products working together seamlessly, these are good applications to go along with that. There's a couple remote applications that you can get on your iPhone, but they're both made by Apple. One is technically called "Keynote Remote" and the other is simply Remote. Keynote Remote lets you control keynote presentations from afar through your wireless network. It comes in handy when doing presentations in large groups where you may want to walk a little while speaking or stand off to the side. It also comes in handy when your computer is hooked up to a system that is in a really dumb space no where near the stage (been there). Remote works the same way: over a wireless network. It controls iTunes. You can look at all the music the same way you would on your iPod application, only you can pick a song on the computer and play that. This comes in handy if you hook up your computer to a sound system in your house. These are both amazing applications that I use pretty frequently when I have an iPhone. The iTunes remote is free, but you'll be paying Apple $0.99 if you want to use their Keynote remote.

Dragon Dictation - This sweet app lets you use your voice for typing anything on your phone. Well, almost anything. It lets you speak your text messages, e-mails and even social updates instead of having to type them. Ever been on the road and couldn't text message or e-mail someone? This app lets you do that safely. Ever felt the need to update your Facebook status while going 70 MPH down the highway? Me neither... but now you can. It's also free. The downside of this one is that it doesn't read messages back to you. If you want an app that will do that, check out Vlingo. It's also free.

Dice with Buddies - Dice with buddies is a game that goes along the same lines of Words with Friends in the way that it is a turn-based, multiplayer game where each person takes their turn and as soon as they do, a notification is sent to their friend who is playing with them. It, just like Words with Friends, has a free version and a $1.99 ad-free version. The difference? It's Yahtzee instead of Scrabble.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock - For $0.99 you can now wake up feeling rested with the help of your iPhone and this App. Activate this application before going to bed and tuck it under your top sheet. It uses the numerous sensors in the iPhone to determine your sleep patern and then wakes you up when you're sleeping the lightest and not when you're in a deep sleep. I swear that it works... there are some doubters out there but I don't care. It works for me!

Grocery IQ - All iPhones come with the "Notes" application pre-installed on it and that is what most of my friends use for listing everything. Grocery IQ brings the bar up by being a little more specific. You can list all your groceries according to section, export lists to other users who have Grocery IQ, and you can check off things as you get them in the store so you don't forget anything. It's very useful and very free.

Plants vs. Zombies - This App is listed on the Android list too, but it's a classic and it's lots of fun. Being a base defense game, the object of the game is to defend your house from zombies who are trying to eat your brains by using plants that have different types of attacks. It's simple. It's fun. There's lots of gameplay. There's a silly storyline. For $2.99, it'll keep you entertained for a long time. Must have brains app!

These are my top choices for iPhone. At the time of this writing, the App Store in the United States currently has over 350,00 apps in it. Remember to keep looking for apps and reading reviews (like this one) for new ideas on what to download, AND remember to have fun!!!!

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