Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rob's Top Apps for Windows Phone 7

You got your Windows Phone 7 and now that you've downloaded Facebook you're bored. I get it. It's a new operating system. "Windows sucks, they don't have any apps," is a phrase I hear a lot. I disagree with that phrase. Windows Phone rocks and they have some really great apps. Sure, they don't have Pandora. Sure, they don't have a Words with friends. The truth is, I don't care and you shouldn't either. You know why? Because they have what really matters (and not just Angry Birds). This is... Rob's Top Apps for Windows Phone 7:

Plants vs. Zombies - I've nailed this game down in both the Top Apps for iPhone article and the Top Apps for Android article, but I'm doing it again. I can't ever get enough of this game so no matter what phone I'm using, I download this to help me pass the time when I'm bored. The upside of having it on Windows Phone? It's connected to Xbox live so you can gain achievments through your Xbox live account and compare to your friends. The downside of having it on Windows Phone? It's $4.99 ($2.00 more than it is on iPhone or Android). But is it still worth it? Yes.

geoDefense - This $2.99 game is a lot of fun. It's a defense game, but it's a more differenter defense game than Plants vs. Zombies. Instead of defending your house with a bunch of plants against an army of zombies, you're defending your base from a bunch of neon shapes that are trying to get to the end of the path they're on. It's fun and it's addicting. Again, it is able to get achievments on your Xbox live account (like most games on Windows Phone 7). There's ton of levels and if you get far enough into the level and there's a lot going on there's always a chance you'll have a seizure with all the bright colors... so there's that.

ilomilo - To switch things up a bit, ilomilo is a 3D puzzle game. The object is to get the two main characters (ilo and milo) to navigate through a 3D puzzle maze to find each other. There are obstacles and puzzles to figure out and it gets pretty challenging once you get farther into the game. I recommend it for anyone who loves to use their brains when playing games. And yes, it is an Xbox Live game.

The Harvest - Ever since Windows Phone 7 came out, this game has been in the top 10-15 most popular apps in the Market. It's an RPG game where you choose a character and blast through each level to get to the end. Your character is able to get upgrades throughout to improve their performance, as standard with all RPG games and this game is an Xbox Live game. It will set you back $6.99, but what you get is arguably the best RPG on the Windows Phone 7 platform.

Xbox Live Extras - By this point you may have noticed a pattern. I have only been listing games so far. On top of that, they've all been Xbox Live games. That's because one of the biggest advantages that Windows Phone 7 has is its link to Xbox Live and the ability to earn achievments through your Xbox Live profile right from your phone. That being said, what is this Xbox Live Extras app? This app is a free app for all those heavy Xbox Live users out there. To be honest, I haven't personally downloaded this app, but I know people that have. It lets you customize your Xbox Live avatar and see more achievments from your phone. It's free, it's fun, and it's for nerds. What more can I say?

Adobe Reader - This one is definitely the first thing I download for any Windows Phone. On Android it comes pre-loaded and on iPhone, most people know that it isn't pre-loaded and download it right away. On Windows Phones, it's necessary if you do any type of e-mail. So many people include attachments that are in PDF format. This app is free and is very helpful.

Astrid Tasks - One every phone operating system, I need a list and notes application. ColorNote is what I use on iPhone and Android. Astrid Tasks is what I use on WP7 (Windows Phone 7). It is a basic list and notes application that allows you to create lists and check them off as you get/do things on it. You can also make basic notes on it also. Oh, and it's free.

WinMilk Task Manager - Not to be confused with Task Manager applications for early Android phones, this is a more advanced list application and requires a bit of an explanation. It is amazing though, so I will be writing a full review of this application (once I get a chance). The basics about: you do need to create an RTM (Remember the Milk) online account on their website. The account is free. Once this is finished, you can now create new tasks. Now, at this point the application is just a more organized task/list application. If you pay for the premium membership at RTM's website, you have a few advantages. The website will them sync directly with Blackberry phones, Windows Phones, Outlook and Google Calendar. For all you corporate workers this is right up your alley. It makes a loophole into Outlook that a lot of smartphone users have no idea how to get access to normally. If you have Microsoft Outlook at work, you know this is very, very valuable, and you may have to go check your pants. It's okay, I'll wait.

Password Padlock - This free application will store all of your user names and passwords in one place. You know, all those passwords for your: personal computer, work computer, work computer client, hotmail, gmail, yahoo, netflix, ATM, online banking, outlook, that thing that holds the extra key to your house, voicemail, door keypads, security alarm systems, customer service verbal password, world of warcraft, pandora, your mom's computer, your grandma's computer, iTunes, that one website you signed up for an never touched for eight years but now you desperately need to get back in... all of those. Just make sure you remember the password for the application and you're set. If only they had an application to help me do that...

Currency 7 - This is a simple, free, currency converter. Straight-up and straight-forward. No screen shot needed here. It's just helpful.

Quick Dial - This app creates a favorites list (you may be used to this from previous experiences with Android and iPhone) to add your favorite contacts to on WP7. That way, you can easily access the people you talk to most without having to pin them to your start menu. It's free, btw.

Magikmail - If you're having iPhone or Blackberry "Visual Voicemail" withdrawals, this will solve that problem. This app costs $2.99 and provides a visual voicemail service. What that means is when someone leaves you a voicemail, you can access this app and see the voicemails you have, who their from, and then tap on them to listen to them or delete them. Much easier than pressing and holding the "1" button. Much lazier too, but sometimes it pays to be lazy.

Slacker Radio - This is the best free radio I've found on Windows Phone 7. Remember how I said that it doesn't matter that Windows 7 doesn't have Pandora yet? Well this app is the reason why. It works in exactly the same way: create a free account, set and personalize your stations, and listen to all the free music you want. Remember though, streaming music from a phone while not connected to Wi-Fi can give you a case of the overages, so you'll want to be careful.

Remember, Mango is coming out soon and this will change everything the operating system is (in a good way) by adding a ton of features and making multi-tasking a reality. This will only improve what the above apps can do and it will actually make a few of them obsolete. I have been looking forward to the release of Windows 7 Mango for quite a while and will cover it extensively when it does happen. Until then, these are Rob's Top Apps for WP7. Enjoy!

(Also, be sure to check out the rest of this series, Rob's Top Apps for iPhone and Rob's Top Apps for Android.)

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