Saturday, December 24, 2011


If you don't know what Dropbox is by now and you've been following this blog for a while... shame on me. If you know what Dropbox is and you're not currently using it... shame on you. Dropbox is a cloud service. Much like iCloud, Dropbox stores your information on a server that you can then remotely access from other devices. Because it has become so popular, apps have been created for mobile phone platforms as well as computers: Android and iOS (iPhone) have official apps, you can download the official Dropbox app on any computer, and on Windows Phone there are multiple unofficial Dropbox apps that work very well. The point of this article is to send your finger scrolling to download Dropbox because it's amazing and it makes my life easier. Read on to find out why Dropbox will change your life.

App Profile:
Type: File sharing and backup (Cloud Service)
Platforms: Computer, iOS, Windows Phone, Android
Developer: Dropbox Inc. (the apps available for Windows Phone are not made by Dropbox but by third-party developers
Main Reasons for Downloading this App: To be more productive and mobile

I first found out about Dropbox when my manager at work told me about it. He had been using it to store information and access it from his smartphone or his computer at home. I loved the idea, but I figured it would either A) Take a while to set up and not be worth my time, or B) Take a while to set up and have it be worth my time (but I was too "busy" to do it anyway). I was wrong with both. It's easy to set up and even easier to use.

I finally started actually using Dropbox when I realized that I needed a way to easily access certain files from work without planning ahead enough to bring a flash drive or other such physical storage devices. My brother-in-law actually has a Dropbox account from work that everyone has files saved on. He signed into Dropbox from his phone and showed me how all of his co-workers have a folder that has their name on it. If they ever want to share a file with someone, they can merely put it into their Dropbox folder and then text message or e-mail the person/people they want to share it with, telling them the file name. Then, whoever needs to look at it can go into their Dropbox folder and download it to view it or just look at it while keeping it on the server. I was very impressed!

Unlike other ways of storing things (flash drives, external hard drives, SD cards, Micro-SD cards... floppy disks???... etc...) Dropbox exists on a server that can be accessed anywhere you have internet. Luckily, for most people with a smartphone, the internet is a mere button press and swipe of the finger away.

I can sit here all day and explain the different benefits and features of Dropbox, but Dropbox does a pretty amazing job of it themselves. See for yourself:

So how do you start your Dropbox adventure? Depends on what equipment you have.

If you're on a computer, go to There's a video (the one I have posted above) and there's a button to download Dropbox. Hit the button. Dropbox then creates a folder on your computer called Dropbox. You'll now be able to drag things into that folder that you want to add to Dropbox. It's that easy! You can even customize your experience a little more by creating folders in your Dropbox folder to help organize it. They give you a couple folders already, entitled "Photos" and "Public". Go ahead. Start using it!

If you're on an iPhone or an Android phone visit the App Store or Market, type in "Dropbox" and download the app. One that's done, open up the app. You can either sign in to a pre-existing account, or you can create one from here. Once you're either signed-in or created a new account, you'll be able to go through a slideshow that shows you the different things you can do with Dropbox. This is your introduction.

Left: the sign-in page of Dropbox from an Android phone. Right: folders and files in a Dropbox account.
If you're using a Windows Phone, you'll need to create the original account from a computer and then download the app by visiting the Marketplace and downloading "Boxfiles for Dropbox" and signing in with your pre-existing account.

Once you have this all set up, you are ready to go from there. When uploading a file from my phone to Dropbox, it literally takes about ten seconds for me from the time my phone says it's uploaded until my computer pops up with a notification in the corner telling me that a new file has been added to my Dropbox account. It's amazing! Now go download it and make your life easier!


  1. So this is better than using Google Docs (which seems too basic to meet my needs anyway)? Is it secure enough for me to use with documents that contain confidential information?

  2. It's as secure as any email address. That being said, it's better than that because you can use the public folder to make anything in you're dropbox accessible to anyone.


  3. TOO BAD, the links provided above are not working. I tried it and just a suggestion, do not waste your time guys! Good news is that, I already found the real file, after some searching all around. I want to ease your burden looking, so I am just giving you the real download link.