Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jelly Defense

Jelly Defense... really??? That's the name of the first full review of a game for mobile systems that I'm ever going to release? Well... yes... yes it is. The name of the game is Jelly Defense and the object? To defend your green crystals from the Monster Jellys. It's a lot harder than it sounds though. Those little monsters will slip past and steal your jems if you don't watch it. Sounds simple enough? Well try it out and we'll see who's looking up walk-through videos on YouTube in the first hour...

App Profile:
Type: Base Defense Game
Platforms: iPad, iPhone, Android
Developer: Infinite Dreams Inc.
Main Reasons for Downloading this App: 1) You're bored  2) You want to waste a few weeks of your life playing on your phone  3) You're in the mood to have some fun!

Watch the official trailer below!

Jelly Defense is a genius little game. There are a million base defense games out there so setting yourself apart from the rest is nearly impossible. Jelly Defense does manages to do it because of a few things: there's a storyline, the characters are original and lovable, the music is original and weird (but not annoying), it's a complex not-repetitive game. From the beginning you figure out the point of you playing the game (and continuing to play it after the first level is beat).

You are a commander in the Jelly army and your job is to deploy Jelly towers throughout the level to stop the Jelly Monsters from stealing your green Jems. The Jelly Monsters slowly (or quickly) make their way through the level in waves to try and get your green crystals at the end of the level and carry them off. As you defeat (squish) the Jelly Monsters, they drop coins that you have to collect by tapping on them. You can use these coins to buy more towers to fend off the increasingly large waves of Jelly Monsters. If the Jelly Monsters carry off all of your crystals, you lose. If you defeat all the Jelly Monsters in the level and you still have crystals left, you win. The more crystals you have left at the end of the level, the better your score is.

The General may have a mustache and a mean look about him...
but don't worry, he's very nice and helpful
It gets a little more complex as you go, but the General is there to help you along if you ever need it. He pops up in the bottom, left corner of the screen and gives you hints as well as explains new things so you never get confused. No matter how complex the game play gets, you will never be lost! An example of more complex game play is that there are different color Jelly Monsters and that is important because only a tower that is red can shoot a red Jelly Monster. At the same time, only a tower that is blue can shoot a blue Jelly Monster. There are some towers that are a mix of blue and red and those can shoot both, but they're not as strong as the specialized ones.

The level select screen
I like Jelly Defense because it's creative, the level of game play increases at a very manageable and fun rate, there's lots of different characters involved, it's colorful, and the graphics are great. It's VERY original and even though the game is long and there's tons of levels, you don't get bored and you WANT to continue playing to see what's next. It's addicting, so don't download it with the intention of being able to use it take a break from your homework or you'll find you end up taking a break from Jelly Defense every few hours to do your homework.

It's available on the Amazon Appstore for Android, the Android Market, and the Apple App Store for $2.99 BUT as a Christmas special the Apple App Store has it on-sale for $0.99! Go get it now while you can! (Even if it's full-price, it's worth every penny).

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