Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Flick Kick Football (Soccer)

Flick Kick Football, as you can see by the picture above, is better known as a "soccer" game by us Americans. This App is the absolutely the most addictive game I've ever played (angry birds included) for a few reasons. 1) It's simple. The gameplay is straightforward, while still having great features that don't make it too simple. 2) There's multiple modes of gameplay. 3) It's challenging. You can easily be sucked into another game if you're by yourself and you're trying to beat your top score. If you're with friends, it's easy to measure against, and take turns with, your friends to try and beat the top score. But, downloaders beware. You will love this game and won't be able to put it down should you choose to download it. Now that you've been warned, go ahead and read the full review below.

App Profile:
Type: Shoot at the goal by flicking the ball
Platforms: iOS (iPad and iPhone), Android (tablet or phone)
Developer: Pik Pok Games
Main reason for downloading this App: To pass the time and to compete against friends

There are four main modes of gameplay in this game and I'll be covering them all.

See the blue target at
the top of the goal?
That means you've
got skill (literally).

Arcade Mode
In this version of the game you have an unlimited amount of time. The goal is to kick the ball into the net and make every single shot. When you miss the goal you lose one life. You start with no extra lives and you can gain up to three extra lives at a time by making "Skill Shots." To make a skill shot, you need to shoot the ball into the net near the near the edge.

Whenever you make a shot into the goal a target will appear where you made the shot. If the target is yellow, you know you've simply made the shot. The target will appear blue if the shot was a "skill shot." A red "X" will appear if you miss the shot. As soon as you make a shot, a new, more difficult shot is presented to you. With every shot, there are cardboard defenders attempting to block you from getting the ball in the net. Some of them move, but some do not. Every shot gets progressively harder. The game ends when you've missed a shot with no extra lives remaining. The point is to try and get the highest score. My high score is 185. Go ahead... try and beat me (and send me a screen shot if you do, or I won't believe you!).

In Bullseye game made instead of trying to merely get the ball in the goal, you are trying and hit the Bull's Eyes that are moving back and forth in the goal. The smaller the bull's eye, the more points you get. If you hit the bull's eye directly in the middle, you get double the points you'd normally get for that target. You can also get bonus points for hitting three targets in a row. The goal is to hit the most bull's eyes in the time given. When you get all three targets, three more are presented to you. Every set of three targets gets harder to hit, whether it's because they're moving faster or because the targets are in harder places in the net.

This one is fun because it's a nice for a bit of a change. I didn't start playing until I'd thoroughly worn myself out on the other game modes (which took a few weeks).

Timed Mode
Timed mode was by far the most addictive gameplay. I couldn't believe how much time I wasted on this particular part of the game. It is terribl{ly fun}e.

In this mode you start out with two minutes on the clock. The clock starts when you kick the first ball. For every skill shot you get, three seconds is added to the clock. For every normal shot you make, you're given one extra second. When you miss, usually about five to seven seconds is taken off before you're able to go at it again. Just like in Arcade mode, each shot gets progressively harder and there are cardboard opponents trying to prevent you from getting the ball into the net. UNLIKE the arcade mode, however, once you hit a cardboard opponent it is knocked down permanently, meaning you won't have to worry about that guy on the next shot.

What I love about this mode is that when you miss, the suspense absolutely kills you! You are POWERLESS to do anything until the game resets your ball and lets you kick again. It gets you energized (or, if you're weak it's stressful). You'll love this game mode!

Just to throw in an extra little twist, when you make three shots in a row you are "on fire," and your soccer ball is not literally engulfed in flames. This means your ball will go through one defender. You lose your "on fire" status when you either go through a defender with your ball or if you miss a goal.

Skillshot mode
In skill shot mode you are, again, timed. You get one minute to make as many skill shots as possible. You add three seconds onto the clock for every skill shot you make and one second for every shot you make (although, the only way to get a point is by making a skill shot. Every shot becomes more and more difficult.

Final thoughts
This game rocks. Plain and simple, I love it. It's dynamic, it is funny, and it keeps your attention. It uses OpenFeint, and score-keeping and achievement tracker. The game play is easy and the graphics support it, making it feel like a nice game. It is available on both the iTunes App Store and the Android Market for $0.99 and it is worth every single penny. I highly recommend it! Oh, and check out the multitude of screenshots I took below.

What the deuce!?!?!?!
Here's the screenshot I took to simply prove that I'm better than you (notice the high score).


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