Thursday, February 2, 2012

Reckless Getaway

Reckless Getaway is another game from the same makers of Reckless Racing - Polarbit. This game is similar to Reckless Racing in that you control a car from above. It's different in the fact that you are not racing, you are escaping from a bank you've apparently just robbed. Reckless Getaway takes you through eighty-four different levels, each with it's own unique personality. There's two modes of game-play and both are just as addictive. It's easy, fun, and a quick time-passer just like Reckless Racing. Read the article for my full review!

App Profile:
Type: Car Driving Game (Kinda like racing... but not..?)
Platforms: iPhone, Android, iPad
Developer: Polarbit
Main reason for downloading: It's a fun game to play for a short break or to fill in small waiting periods

Much like Reckless Racing, Reckless Getaway is third person, meaning you're outside the vehicle you're driving, looking down on it from above. Unlike Reckless Racing, you're not really racing. The over-all object of the game depends on which of the two game modes you're playing, but I think both are equally fun. I'll cover both in the review. First up....

As in real life, when your car is smoking it's a bad thing
Getaway - "Escape from the police while collecting loot and performing risky stunts."
The in-game description is great for this game mode. You do exactly what it says. Although your primary objective is to get away from the police and finish the level, you can increase your score an unlock new levels by doing extra stuff along the way. Police are after you and you have to deal with lots of traffic while trying to collect coins, go off jumps and perform special stunts that all gain you extra points. Examples of this include "Overtake" (passing a car without doing any damage to it) "Air" (jumping - the longer you're in the air the more points you get) "Tackle" (turning over a car) and destroying cars (500 points for regular cars, 700 for police cars). At the same time you can lose points if you go off course and if you are destroyed. The higher your score at the end of the level, the more stars you'll get and the more stars you get the more levels you'll unlock to play. Pretty simply put, get the coins, perform stunts, and break stuff - without breaking yourself!

There are a few power-ups in this game mode too. You can get power-ups by running your car through the red question marks. After you get a power-up, the type will be displayed on the right. Simply press the power-up display on the right of the screen to activate it. There's a speed-up power-up that temporarily speeds up your car, a jump power-up that allows your car to jump up to three times and a "push" power-up that pushes and stuns any nearby cars up to three times per power-up - and the closer the cars are to you the farther they fly! These will help you gain valuable points.

The screen shots are very helpful with this game so I'll list a bunch of those before moving onto the next gameplay mode.

Flying police officer?
The car with the stars around it is "stunned"
Do your best to avoid the trollies. Don't end up like that police car.

In the Wreckless game mode you are the huge semi pictured to the right and you are bent on destruction. The purpose of this mode is to cause as much devastation and mayhem as possible in your short trip through each course. Points are scored in this mode much in the same way as in Getaway mode, but it takes a lot more to destroy your vehicle and it's a lot easier to destroy other vehicles like tractors, other semis, and large police vehicles (they also give you a lot more points - 3000 to be exact). The only power-ups you get in this mode are the "push" power-ups previously mentioned in the Getaway mode. This game mode is my personal favorite.

Again, make sure you check out the screen shots below and the conclusion is at the end of those.

A couple of "stunned" cars
Little red car vs large green semi
Wreckless Getaway is a great addition to the game folder of any iPhone or Android phone. It's fun, quick, addictive, and easy to play and understand. The straight-forward gameplay is refreshing and every once in a while it's easy to pull up and blow off some steam in just a couple of minutes. I'd recommend it for anyone who loves racing games or loves blowing stuff up!

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