Sunday, January 15, 2012

Reckless Racing

Racing games are very prevalent in the Android market, the Apple App Store, the Amazon Appstore, and the Marketplace (got that all straight?). I'd say they're a dime a dozen, but when averaging between $2 to $6, they're expensive. I've purchased a lot and have been disappointed by some and impressed with others. Reckless I think reckless racing is a unique addition to any phone gaming portfolio and worth the money. Find out why in the full review!

App Profile:
Type: "3rd-person" racing game
Platforms: iOS and Android
Developer: Polarbit
Main reason for downloading this app: It's a fun game to play to take small breaks or fill small waiting periods.

In the same sense that a 1st-person shooter is viewed and played as if you are the character you're controlling and 3rd-person is more controlling that character from an outside view, racing can be the same way. You have 1st-person racing games like the Need for Speed series and the Asphalt series where you are inside the car and then you have 3rd-person racing games wear you are controlling the car from above. This is a 3rd person racing game.

In Reckless racing, you pick a character with a unique car from a choice of 8, pick a track (there's 18 if you count the "reverse" tracks) and your difficulty level and you're off. You can also opt for beginners controls or advanced controls. In this game you're viewing your car from an aerial view. If you're familiar with the way the original GTA works, you'll be right at home because it's the same idea only more 3D looking. The camera follows you around the track.

To control the car you're given a right and left turn button and the default is to have only a reverse button and the car is constantly in moving forward. I opted for a bit more control and decided to check the option to have a forward button and a reverse button so I could let off the gas if I need to.

Each car has it's own unique qualities. Some drift and slide more than others. Some are heavier and can push other, lighter cars around easily. Some have better handling. I found it easiest to test them all out and stick with the one I was naturally better at.
The character of this game is great. It very obviously has a hick theme. The name of the people you can choose are things like Lurlene, Bubba, Cletus, and Granny. The races take place on tracks like "Hick-E Mart, Blesser's Bend, and Bubba's Yard. I like it because it adds to the experience. The races are quick little 3-4 lap races. That means this game is perfect for a little mental break from work. Watch out though, because you'll easily be sucked into playing a few more rounds than intended.

You can play single player or multi-player. When in single player mode, you are pitted against five other computer-controlled cars. When in multi-player you must sign up for an account and register it, and then you can race in games that are hosted by other players who are also online. Since this game is available for both iPhone and Android, there's usually people on to play against.
If you're looking for a 1st person driving game, this isn't it. You are by-no-means sitting in the car you're driving and viewing it from that perspective. This is a quick little game that will give you short breaks from your normal life, but isn't really for extended play. I beat every level in less than a day. The two things I didn't like about the game was A) How short it was and B) That there is no unlockable content to keep you going or challenge you. I did love it while I played it, and if your intention is a short little thrill that you'll probably be done with in a couple of weeks, Reckless Racing is worth the $0.99 it costs in the iTunes App Store or the $1.99 it costs in the Android Market. Beware: you will want to have a high-end device in order to support the graphics and the 256 MB after-install download... but it's worth it. It's also available in HD on the Android Market, or HD on the iTunes App Store but exclusively for the iPad. Download it now and you won't be disappointed!

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