Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Update for AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II

The original Samsung Galaxy S II for AT&T, although amazing, had a dark side... a security flaw that allowed anyone to get into the phone even when there was a password protecting it. For a video of this in action, visit this link. Today, however, I received a little notification that informed me that there was an update waiting for me to download. I accepted (after taking a screen shot) and it only took a couple of minutes to download. In order to download it you will (as usual) require a good Wi-Fi connection. It took another couple of minutes to install after I downloaded the update and after that the security flaw was fixed! So far that's the only difference I've noticed, but I'm sure Sammy and Ma Bell threw in a few extra tweeks to improve the over-all user experience. View the full article for one more screenshot and if you've got one of these phones, happy downloading!

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